Do you like to volunteer academically to help children and make a difference in their lives while adding great value to your youth by being a person who raised the standards of your community? Good deeds like this that you do when you are young will go a long way and allow you to reflect on those memories and be proud of yourself as someone who put youth to a worthy cause.

If you think this is something you are glad to be a part of, then this Lasallian Academic Volunteer Program is for you. This is primarily aimed at students who completed their Advanced Level Examination earlier this year. Right now you have a lot of free time. A time like this is very rare in life and what other good way to use it than to be part of a positive cause like this that will stay in your memory for a lifetime.

At your discretion, you can enroll to either 3-month or 6-month volunteer program. During this period you will be provided with accommodation although you may also choose to travel daily. You will also get the opportunity to live alongside the Reverend Brothers for the entire duration and get to know and learn from them.

In recognition of your service and commitment, all candidates who successfully complete their volunteer program will receive a 'Certificate for Volunteerism'.

Follow the link or scan the QR code to join.

The form is open until March 15.