As we extend our warmest wishes to Reverend Brother Roshan Dias on his special day, let's pause to recognize the unique gift we have the privilege of knowing.

Brother Roshan arrived at St. Anne's College in 2014. Until his arrival, he was a relative unknown among Annites. However, from the moment he stepped onto our College as a newcomer, he quickly evolved into an inseparable part of our community, earning the respect and affection of our College family.

St. Anne's College is a vibrant and diverse community, and this is also one of our greatest strengths. People with diverse backgrounds and walks of life strive to come together as one family, working toward the success and well-being of themselves and each other. Brother Roshan has always been a great asset to this family because he has the ability to understand others and value the unique contributions each person brings.

You can always find him among our students, lending a helping hand. His dedication isn't limited to any one aspect of College life; he's involved in just about everything, both curricular and extracurricular. Whether it's aiding students with their studies, resolving any hardships or issues they face, overseeing rehearsal drills, or participating in students' preparations for the next major tournament, Brother Roshan is always there. If you wish to locate him within the College, it's wise to notify him in advance, because he's constantly immersed in helping our boys, and you never know where or with what activity he may be occupied with.

Despite his hectic schedule, he remains remarkably composed and maintains a cool demeanor. When he engages with our players during practice sessions on the field, it's as if you can picture him as an oasis of tranquility in the scorching desert sun.

When overseeing tasks, Brother Roshan doesn't force students to do things in a certain way. Instead, he allows students to cultivate their creativity and provide constructive feedback. He grants students the freedom to think and act independently; intervening only when necessary for corrections or improvements. Instead of making demands, he guide our students and they know it. And when he educate our students, he gives all in.

Brother Roshan is a dedicated and hardworking individual. He excels in productivity and remains focused on getting things done. He doesn't waste time on trivial or unnecessary matters and is a man of few words. However, he is willing to engage in meaningful conversations. He is also a very good listener, especially when it comes to things that matter. He is a thoughtful person who makes his decisions based on facts and feasibility.

He consistently motivates our students to do their best and win big. However, he is there for his students regardless of the outcome. He has the ability to keep a smile on his face regardless of the circumstances, no matter how difficult or challenging times are. He is a pleasant soul, both inside and out, and he brings both joy and victory with him.

Despite his constant hard work to achieve success of our boys, Brother Roshan neither boasts nor has any interest in taking credit. In fact, there was a moment when his name was included in the credits for an achievement that he was truly behind from the start, he promptly requested to have his name removed from the credits and jokingly said, "I'm not a politician who needs my name on everything."

Our Brother is a humble person who gives credit to others, even though he does not like to take credit for himself. He once said that he wanted to collect portraits of all the former principals in one location to reflect on their contributions to our beloved institute. He reasoned that this would allow us to pay our gratitude, learn from their extraordinary lives, and walk in their footsteps to make our grand college even grander.

These things make Brother Roshan a great mentor and leader.

He is a strong person, but he is also very kind. Brother Roshan treats everyone fairly and with dignity and doesn't left anyone under his watch behind. He is open minded and compassionate. It is a trait of a strong person to not to scare off others, but being able to console even the ones who are most feared.

Brother Roshan is an alumnus of De Mazenod College, Kandana, a fact that is of particular interest considering our late Reverend Principal, Brother Denzil Mendis, was also studied there. However, it is no coincidence that there is an enduring bond between De Mazenod and St. Anne's College, where numerous Annites consider the former as "home away from home". While we could delve deeper into this connection another time, let it be known that our friends from De Mazenod have every reason to be proud of nurturing exceptional individuals such as Brother Roshan and the late Reverend Brother Denzil. As for Brother Roshan, rest assured, we won't give him back!

Brother Roshan stands as an exemplary figure for today's youth. His education extends beyond the confines of academics; it is rooted in his profound faith and his interactions with others. His well-mannered conduct serves as an inspiration to those fortunate enough to cross his path. And, as a reverend brother, he has dedicated his life to a greater, noble cause.

Today, nearly a decade Brother Roshan's arrival at St. Anne's College, his tireless efforts continue to resonate in the College's successes and in the lives of the students he has encountered. He is deeply cherished by the Annites Family. The best part is that his journey is far from over, as he continues to selflessly support our College community in every way possible. This is a brief note to pay tribute to our dear Brother Roshan on his birthday. Let us all wish for God's continuous blessings upon him, and may he be blessed with abundant happiness, good health, and prosperity.