St. Anne's College opened for the Third Academic Term for the year 2020 on November 23. However, it was only for grades 6-13. Covering the curriculum of students facing the GCE OLevel Exam is crucial and therefore opening grades for those students is crucial. Students taking the GCE ALevel Examination aren't that far off to take their exams either.

In a conventional year, the exam is supposed to take place in December, but because of the pandemic everything has changed, including standardized tests. It is now clear that the GCE OLevel Examination will take place on March 1. Despite that, private tuition classes have not been marked in green to begin their seminars until at least January 25. The Third Academic Term Vacation is only a few days away and therefore we encourage our students to use the time productively as they have a high chance of losing the cause due to barriers to access physical classes created by the pandemic situation.

But keep the Possumus spirit in your heart and keep doing even in times of great obstacles and this is how Annites do it!