8.15 a.m.
Welcome of the Chief Guest and the Guest of Honour

8.25 a.m.
Hoisting of the Flags
National Anthem and College Anthem

8.30 a.m.
Opening Prayer - Rev. Fr. Chandana Hapuarachchi
Asst. Principal

8.40 a.m.
Welcome Address - Rev. Br. Tarcisius - Principal

8.50 a.m.
Opening of the Jubilee Programme
* Unveiling and hoisting of the Jubilee Flag
* Releasing of the Jubilee Song
* Unveiling of the Jubilee Programme
* Unveiling of the Jubilee Logo
* Activation of the Jubilee Web

9.05 a.m.
Address by the Chief Guest

9.15 a.m.
Declaration of the Jubilee Year by the Chief Guest

9.20 a.m.
Releasing the Balloons by Students