Annites took the first-innings honor over St. Joseph Vaz College with their thrilling performances in both batting and bowling.

St. Anne's College bowled out St. Joseph Vaz Team for 218 in the 1st innings. Annites then amassed a total of 358 on the strength of a top-notch century by Mahima Kotuwila and contributions from his teammates. Chamith Sasenjana and Adithya Nirvan were two other Annites who passed fifties. Mahima made 115 in his innings while Chamith fell 14 runs short of his century.

The bowling department also did their fair share which could restrict Joseph's batsmen to 218. During the cause, Manaan Muzammil claimed a five wicket haul.

The encounter took place at the 2022(2023) Two-Day Under 19 Inter-school Cricket Tournament - Traditional Matches.

➡ Stats and trivia:

St. Joseph Vaz 218 & 34/0 (93.2 & 9 Overs)
 Dasun Perera 80, Kavindu Nishara 33, Menusha Perera 27 (1st Innings)
◆ Manaan Muzammil 6/88, Kevin Nanayakkara 3/49
Menusha Perera 30* (2nd Innings)

Annites 358 (101.1 Overs)
◆ Mahima Kotuwila 115, Chamith Sasenjana 86, Adithya Nirvan 57, Buddima Sahan 39, Manaan Muzammil 26
 Heshan Kavinda 4/51, Menusha Perera 2/79, Janith Fernando 2/81

Toss: St. Joseph Vaz and elected to bat first
Venue: St. Anne's College Ground

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