Green, Gold and Blue was the very first College Anthem sung by the students of St.Anne’s College.Bro.Hugh Faringdon introduced this anthem on 21st May 1936.Bro.Director who was well versed in literature and music wrote the lyrics and composed the music of this anthem.

Green, Gold and Blue

Then join in the song of the Green, Gold and Blue
Shout aloud to your colours that you ever will be true
While e'er the sky's blue awning
O'erspreads Green fields and trees,
As they bathe in the garden sunshine
And dance in the resulting breeze.

W'll be loyal loving, grateful, and we'll fight the life's battle through.
Firm and straight, and for the honour of the Green, the Gold and the Blue 

O the Green it is kind and gentle,
Spread profusely through our isle:
The Green trees nod o'er the mantle
Green, of the rippling fields that smile
And the Green, it ever minds us
To be kind and gentle too
For the honour of our colours,
The Green,  the Gold and the Blue.

And the Gold, it is bright and cheery
Pouring down from the fiery sun,
Giving life and joy and beauty,
Shedding light on ev'ry one.
And the Gold is there to remind us
To be bright and cheery too,
For the honour of our colours,
The Green, the Gold and the Blue.