The House system was inaugurated on 10/06/1936 by Bro Hugh Faringdon. St.John and St. De La Salle  were the first two houses. House competition included games, conduct and studies.House Master,Captains,Prefects and Games Captains were elected annually.

De La Salle House

Fr. John Baptist De La Salle  was born on 30/04/1661 in Rheims, France.He founded the congregation of the Brothers of the Christian Schools (De La Salle  Brothers) in 1680. He died on 07/04/1719. He was canonized on 24/05/1900 by Pope Leo XIII. On 15/05/1950 Pope Pius XII proclaimed him “Patron of all Teachers of Youth”. His feast is held on 15th May.

Benildus House

Benildus House was introduced by Bro. Alban Patrick in 1948 discontinuing John House. Bro Benildus Romançon, F.S.C. was born on 14/06/1805 in Thuret, France. He did nothing extraordinary but carried out his daily tasks in the primary schools to perfection. He died on 13/08/1862. He was canonized on 29/10/1967 by Pope Paul VI. His feast is held on 13th August.

Solomon House

Solomon House was introduced as the third House by Bro Kasimir Arnost on 14/06/1938. Bro Solomon Leclercq,F.S.C. was born on 14/11/1745 in Boulogne, France. He was Secretary General of the De La Salle  Brothers. He was martyred on 02/09/1792.He was beatified on 17/10/1926 by Pope Pius XI. His feast is held on 2nd September.

Miguel House

Miguel House was introduced as the fourth House in 1985 by Bro Augustine Brendon. Bro Miguel Cordero,F.S.C was born on 07/11/1854 in Cuenca Ecuador. He was a man of uncommon intelligence and incredible capacity to work. He died on 09/02/1910. He was canonized on 21/08/1984. His feast is held on 9th February.


College Crests

Old Crest

College Old Crest

Present College Crest

The College Crest

 The College Flag

The College Flag


Green, Gold and Blue was the very first College Anthem sung by the students of St.Anne’s College.Bro.Hugh Faringdon introduced this anthem on 21st May 1936.Bro.Director who was well versed in literature and music wrote the lyrics and composed the music of this anthem.

Green, Gold and Blue

Then join in the song of the Green, Gold and Blue
Shout aloud to your colours that you ever will be true
While e'er the sky's blue awning
O'erspreads Green fields and trees,
As they bathe in the garden sunshine
And dance in the resulting breeze.

W'll be loyal loving, grateful, and we'll fight the life's battle through.
Firm and straight, and for the honour of the Green, the Gold and the Blue 

O the Green it is kind and gentle,
Spread profusely through our isle:
The Green trees nod o'er the mantle
Green, of the rippling fields that smile
And the Green, it ever minds us
To be kind and gentle too
For the honour of our colours,
The Green,  the Gold and the Blue.

And the Gold, it is bright and cheery
Pouring down from the fiery sun,
Giving life and joy and beauty,
Shedding light on ev'ry one.
And the Gold is there to remind us
To be bright and cheery too,
For the honour of our colours,
The Green, the Gold and the Blue.

Come Boys for the Honour

This Anthem was introduced by Bro.Lawrence Justinian in 1958 as the new College Anthem.
The Lyrics were written by .............and the the music  was composed by ................  .This Anthem is quite popular  among the students.

Come boys for the honour of the Green, Gold and Blue
Sing we the song of St.Anne's great and true
Come warm  hearts aglow with loyal love
And stand as firm as the rocks above

By duties path we faithfully steer
By God and man we live sincere
Dauntless and daring in all fields we try
All in a voice we sing ‘Possumus’ our cry

Stand boys together by your Alma Mater all
Clear is her clarion and found is her call
Lush is the mead around our crowning peak
In virtue abiding life's glory we seek.

Repeat:By duties call.....


College English Anthem


Bro.Hugh Faringdon 1934-1938
Bro.Kazimir Arnost   1938-1943
Bro.Theotoret of Mary 1943-1946
Bro.Alban Patrick   1946-1955
Bro.Lawrence Justinian 1955-1961
Bro.Ladislaus Bonifac 1961
Bro.Alexander Paul   1962-1963
Bro.Edwin Ambrose   1964-1966
Bro.Cassian Charles   1966-1971
Bro.Alexander Cyrillus 1971-1975
Bro.Lewis of Jesus   1975-1976
Bro.Alexander Cyrillus 1976-1979
Bro.Augustine Brendon 1979-1986
Bro.Eustace Bastian   1986-1992
Bro.Ignatius Warnakula 1992-1998
Mr.D.C.H.Jayasinghe 1998-1999
Fr.Marius Fernando   1999-2000
Bro.Denzil Mendis +   2000-2012
Bro. Ernest Tarcisius   2013-

+ = Died in the service