You can make donations to St. Anne's College via College TBA bank account.

Account Number: TBA
TBA bank branch: TBA

After completing your transaction please take a moment to fill the following form.
(Please note that this is the form for monitory donations, for material donations please use the College [contact form] and acknowledge us about your donation.)


Please note that this will be the name that appear on the [donations list] once the transaction is verified by our staff. If you want to include a different name under the said list, please state that clearly under the Memo field you find towards the end of this form. If you prefer not to include your name under the donations list, please state that as well under the Memo field.

This is the email address College use to contact you in advance. So please include an email address which is secure and can be accessible by you.

Please include the currency unit (Eg: Rs, $, € etc.)
Also, please note to be specific about your currency unit (Eg: For Rs: SLRs for Sri Lankan Rupees, For $: US$ for United States $, A$ for Australian $ etc.)

Please enter the date when the transaction took place. By default we placed the today's date. But please make sure to include the date you made the transaction as appeared on you bank deposit slip.

Please enter the time when the transaction took place. While the time format we put here is not necessarily to be the case, we recommend you to provide us the transaction time clearly including seconds and the state of AM/PM.

If you have an image of the bank deposit slip scanned, then please upload.
This is not compulsory but it can be easy to validate your transaction.

Nonspecific: Select this option if you have no specific intention on where to your donation should go and you allow College to decide to do best with your donation.
Specific: Select this option if you have a specific intention on where to your donation should go. Please write your purpose clearly under the Memo field which is located underneath this choice field.

Important: Please make the right choice + state your purpose (if you have), because we don't want to see your purpose go in vain. We also advise you to contact the College administration at first hand to see whether the College is in need of your purpose and ready to implement it.

This is not required unless you have to write College in advance.
Important: If you are specific about your donation, please use this space to write the College about the purpose of your donation.