"By the community for the community" - we all are the maintainers of this community. You can feed us news which should more likely to be published on our college site while they aren't yet published. Most probably this may be a News Article. If you are a College student, teacher you may probably getting College present and important news more frequently. So why just waiting feed your news and contribute for the site dynamic update process and be a proud Annite. There is no restriction for this news submission may be you are a student, teacher, old boy, well wisher or any... you are eligible for News Feeding. For every single news feeding we are awarding you the points. For every successful news feeding we are awarding you bonus points.

How to feed the news.

1.) First you have to be a registered member and logged-in. If you are not a registered member just do it now. It is free and easy like ABC.

2.) Click "Submit" >> "News Feeding" in the main menu.

3.) The you will brought to "News Feeding" form.

Once you complete the form click "Submit" button.
Then we will receive your report and will award the points as soon as we receive your info.

Thanks for submitting your News Feed :)